Mike Solomon

Part of Hearst Magazine's success and scale is thanks to its heavily templated content management system. But sometimes to tell a story, you need to break out of the template.

By working with different teams across design, editorial, product, and engineering, I was able to help prototype and build some custom experiences that helped enhanced their storytelling toolkit, win awards, and launch careers.

A bespoke article introduction for an article on Elle.com. Since being published, this story was optioned by Scribner and is being adapted as a book. See more here

After the Elle example above - which featured a custom introduction - we wanted to try for a fully-bespoke article, so we partnered with the Good Housekeeping team to develop a story about how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally.

Our first fully-bespoke feature for Good Housekeeping. See more here.

Another immersive storytelling example, this time for Esquire.com. See more here.

Here, I developed a technique for scrolling a layered image over static text without using any Javascript. It was covered by Chris Coyier at CSS tricks - you can read more here.

I partnered with the team at Cosmopolitan to create this semi-NSFW feature story. It was an opportunity to work with my favorite SVG illustrator Chris Gannon. See more here.

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