Mike Solomon

As a lover of both music and quizzes, I developed a music quiz where you hear a song snippet and guess its album cover. After being featured on Esquire.com it became one of their most-shared peices of content of all time. Here's how it came together.

An early wireframe showing the basics of gameplay

Initial User Testing Results

I conducted user testing on a few early prototypes. Participants were asked to play the game and provide feedback. Although users enjoyed the core mechanic of listening to a song snippet and identifying its album cover, they quickly lost interest after a few rounds.

To address this, I added a leveling system and scoring to increase the gamification element. This added a guided experience and a competitive aspect that made the game stickier and ultimately more sharable.

A sample level from the music quiz

The victory moment that encourages social sharing

How the quiz was incorporated into the Esquire website, where it received more than 100k social shares

Some examples of how people shared their scores

This Esquire quiz was one of the brand's most-shared pieces of content of all time. You can read more about the Esquire music quiz at The New York Times.

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